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South Kirkby Community Association work to continue in the hands of Newground

South Kirkby Community Association work to continue in the hands of Newground

After serving the community for over 20 years, South Kirkby Community Association (SKCA) has been dissolved but the good work will continue through Newground, part of Together Housing Group.

SKCA was established by Together Housing Group tenant Peter Buttree in a response to the lack of services in the area. When he passed away five years ago, his wife Christine took up the reins, with the support of her friends Sharon Casswell, Mary Jackson and Kathleen North.

Christine said: “Peter worked hard setting up and running the community association so when he passed away we didn’t want to let him down. We are in our 70s now and it is becoming too much so we wanted to hand over to an organisation we could trust.”

Over the years, the association, based at Community House, has hosted everything from kids clubs, job clubs and Knit and Natter to coffee mornings, karaoke nights and bingo.

Now they have donated the remaining funds of over £3000 and equipment to Newground. The organisations have worked closely together since SKCA handed over ownership of Community House to Newground’s parent company Together Housing in 2018. Since then, the building has been renamed South Kirkby Hub and Newground staff have taken over the running of the youth club.

Steve Close, Chief Executive of Together Housing Group, said: “South Kirkby Community Association has really been at the heart of ensuring the community has the opportunity to come together and connect people with support when they need it most.

“The team at SKCA have been so supportive of Newground, helping our colleagues identify the needs in the community. I am confident they have passed the baton on to a team who are passionate about ensuring activities continue for the community in South Kirkby and services can be delivered locally to support people who need them most.

“I cannot do justice to everything SKCA have done over the years, the time and dedication they have all given is amazing. Many people have happy memories and have overcome challenges, thanks to their support and hard work. I am sure many will continue to benefit from the remaining money that has been donated to the community.”

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