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Offshoots happiness scavenger hunt

The International Day of Happiness has been a worldwide celebration on March 20th since 2013. The day was adopted by the UN resolution 66/281 in 2012 and is observed on their official calendar. The philosophy behind the day is that the “pursuit of happiness” is a basic human right and goal.

Each year since the day’s inception the charity Action for Happiness has coordinated an international campaign to coincide with the day, bringing together a coalition of over 60 organisations to promote positive social action to help create a happier and more caring world.  Action for Happiness state that small things can cause big positive changes and encourage people to choose an action and make it happen.  An action could be “do kind things for others” or “find three good things each day”.

This year’s theme is Happier Together, focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.  Everyone wants to be happy – and life is happier when we’re together.

To celebrate our common humanity, we are having a scavenger hunt around Offshoots on Saturday 23rd March.  There will be some several actions around the garden for people to either carry out straight away, or to think about and do later.  Scavenger hunt sheets will be available for you to find the actions around the garden.  Anyone can drop in between 1pm and 3pm to take part.

Let’s make our world a happier place by joining together to make each other happy.


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