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Grounds Maintenance

We have experienced in-house grounds maintenance teams to keep external spaces looking their best all year round and professional arborists that manage and maintain trees responsibly.

Grounds Maintenance

Our team of experienced grounds maintenance operatives offer a range of services that help to create well cared for outdoor spaces in a sustainable way as they mature and develop. We work with both public and private sector clients offering a full range of grounds maintenance services.

Our professional arborists carry out tree condition surveys and inspections that help manage trees responsibly, offering advice and guidance on tree care and maintenance. Through this work we can help our clients meet planning conditions when submitting planning applications for development work. It also helps clients meet their legal duty of care to do all that is reasonably practical to prevent injury or harm resulting from falling branches or trees. Our arborists also undertake tree work including pruning, crown raising, crown thinning and tree removal.

Quality and health and safety is a must at Newground and you can be sure of a high level of service from the team always.

As a social enterprise, Newground is passionate about supporting members of the local community seeking employment so we provide apprenticeships and a range of work experience opportunities for individuals who are finding it difficult to find work.

Our teams deliver:

  • Grass cutting , hedge cutting , shrub pruning , weeding , mulching , landscape remedial work , removal of fly-tipping , environmental caretaking , patrolling and maintaining neighbourhoods, rural areas and business parks , tree surveys and all aspects of tree management

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