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Employment & Skills

We deliver employment programmes to help individuals get into work. Newground works closely with public, private and voluntary sector organisations and funding bodies to design and deliver a wide range of employment programmes, aimed at assisting long term unemployed people into sustainable employment. Our approach is to work closely with both employers and individuals to identify future entry-level jobs and match skills and requirements wherever possible. The team at Newground develops tailor-made packages to provide each potential candidate with the mentoring, training and support that meets both their personal requirements and those of the employer.

Examples of recent employment programmes are provided below:

Services we offer include:

  • CV writing
  • Interview preparation
  • 1-2-1 support & advice for individuals looking for work
  • Getting candidates 'job ready'
  • Assisting with job applications
  • Sourcing local vacancies
  • Building partnerships with local employers

Employment programmes currently running:

  • More Positive Together
  • Worksmart (Lancashire only)
  • Talent Match (Calderdale only)
  • Works Better (Calderdale only)
  • Revision


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