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South Skipton Employment Zone Green and Blue Infrastructure

The Newground Landscape Architects were appointed by Craven District Council to work collaboratively with Bowland Ecology on detailed surveys and assessment for proposed green and blue infrastructure works in and around Aireville Park and the Leeds Liverpool Canal corridor. Proposals also incorporated adjacent water channels and local catchment areas as part of flood mitigation scheme improvements in the area, with input from the Engineering and Special Projects Team at Pendle Borough Council.

The works delivered included proposals, costings and detail designs for the management and enhancement of woodland, wetland and grassland habitats along with improved accessibility between green space, new employment space and Skipton town centre.

Craven District Council has recently identified opportunities to deliver some of the proposals through a series of specific bids, to incorporate into other projects or via grounds maintenance arrangements.

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To support a potential funding bid the District Council required high quality landscape architect services to develop a green and blue infrastructure scheme at very short notice. Through co-ordinating a series of background surveys, partner discussions and gathering of evidence Newground created a professional, deliverable scheme, supported by detailed drawings and an estimate of the likely cost.
Sharon Sunter
Economic Development Manager, Craven District Council