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Revision programme helps father back into work

A client who signed up to our Revision programme based in Blackburn, gives his account on what it was like working with the Employment & Skills team at Newground:

The lowest moment in my life happened when my son needed a new pair of trainers that only cost £15, and I was unable to buy them because even though I had been to university to learn computer programming my CV’s were falling on stony ground. I was out of work, out of money and out of ideas; worse than that I felt that I had failed my family.

After talking to a friend I decided to volunteer at the Reuse centre in Blackburn so I could tell prospective employers that I was getting up every day, travelling 10 miles and working from 8 until 4 5 days a week just to have a chance at real work, paid work. I worked for 3 months never being late, and never missing a day. It was too important. Reuse mentioned a person called Mark Stevenson who worked for a place called Newground in Blackburn who may be able to help me get my foot in a few doors. I met with Mark and his enthusiasm in finding people work gave me new hope. After a couple of weeks he had arranged an interview with a company in Blackburn.

I went to the interview practicing my answers to all the potential questions. The interview started and all my practice answers went out of the window, I was just honest. I said if you employ me I will turn up every day, I will do everything that is expected of me, work hard to improve my knowledge of the business and exceed everyone’s expectations. I got the job. For 4 years until the company I worked for went into liquidation, I was true to my word. Luckily for me a local company came to the rescue and myself and the vast majority of my work colleagues are back working again, but the promises I made in my original interview still stand, because they are a part of me. I know that I will continue to train and strive to improve myself until I get to the level where my family are secure. I refuse to revisit having to see my family go without again.

Mark Stevenson is a big part of where I am today and I will be eternally grateful for what he did for me. If you have recently been made redundant, or are out of work, I implore you contact Newground and see if they can help.

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