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Resident - Burnley, Lancashire

The Property Flood Resilience Grant Scheme is administrated at district level through localauthorities and enables those affected by specific storms or flood events to apply for a non-repayable grant up to the value of £5,000 including VAT. This grant is to be used for makinghomes and businesses more prepared for, and resilient to, the effects of future flooding.


This case study recounts the experiences of a resident from Burnley in Lancashire. Her home first flooded during Storm Eva in December 2015 which caused damage to internal floor surfacing, furniture and personal possessions. She reported the flood to her Local Authority and although she was eligible for the Property Flood Resilience Grant available at the time, chose not to proceed with installing flood defences.

With her home having been recently repaired, she did not like the idea of having additional workmen at her property and believed that the flood was such an extreme and rare event, that another flood in her lifetime would be unlikely. However, in February 2020, Storms Ciara and Denis made for the wettest February on record and sadly resulted in her home flooding for a second time.

Fortunately, the UK Government re-issued the Property Flood Resilience Grant Scheme. Newground were able to provide support to Burnley Borough Council and their residents who were affected by flooding and required support and advice in utilising the grant funding to protect their property. Having not proceeded with the grant in 2015, the resident was eligible to apply for the grant once more and wanted to ensure that this time around, her home would be protected against future flooding.


How we helped

Working in partnership with Burnley Borough Council, Newground carried out a Property Flood Resilience Survey of the residents home. She knew that given her age and mobility, installing flood barriers or air bricks covers herself would not be safe or practically feasible. Newground discussed suitable options, the associated costs of supply, installation and future servicing and maintenance requirements to help her make an informed choice.

A package of passive, ‘self-activating’ flood defence works was identified, and the resident felt confident that this offered the most suitable approach and strategy for protecting her home. When choosing her new flood doors, the resident was pleased that the design of her existing doors could be matched and ‘like-for-like’ flood doors could be installed. Newground liaised with the contractors to obtain quotes for the required work.

Once the quotes were approved by Burnley Borough Council, she received the grant payment in full so that orders could be placed, deposits paid, and the work booked in.



The resident proceeded with the installation of:

  • 2x single flood doors
  • 1x set of flood French doors

  • 4x automatic self-closing air bricks
  • 4x non-return valves fitted to wastewater outlet pipes

  • Sealing of pipework and cable entry points around the property.


While the flood defence measures exceeded the total value of the grant, the resident was happy to make the contribution required, knowing that the flood defence works would bring her peace of mind and prevent her property from flooding for a third time.

Once a Property Flood Resilience Grant Scheme closes, there is no guarantee that it will be available following another flood event. In hindsight, the resident wishes she had utilised the grant after the first flood, and feels very fortunate that a grant was available the second time.

Her advice is simple… if you live in a flood risk area, protecting your home before it floods is the best option. And if you’re unfortunate enough to flood and can access a property flood resilience grant, then jump at the opportunity and don’t wait or pass on it as she did.


Download a copy of the case study here.

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“You [Newground] have been absolutely brilliant and have walked me through the whole process from start to finish. Your help and advice in protecting my home and applying for the grant was invaluable. I now have peace of mind and no longer have sleepless nights during heavy rain and storms; I just wish I had done it sooner! Thank you for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you!"
Resident - Burnley