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Padiham, Lancashire (Property Level Flood Protection Surveys)

Newground were able to provide impartial advice to homeowners and businesses to help them better protect themselves from future flood events.

In December 2015 storms Desmond and Eva resulted in extreme rainfall across the North of England, Padiham was particularly badly affected as a result of Storm Eva causing widespread flooding throughout the area.

The record rainfall levels resulted in the River Calder overtopping its banks in the centre of the town, resulting in homes and business on either side of the river flooding to a depth of two to three feet. Rural properties also experience flooding as a result of extreme amounts of surface water runoff from hillsides as streams and culverts became overwhelmed. In total 154 properties flooded across Burnley and Padiham.



There were numerous challenges to overcome in helping the residents of Padiham become more flood resilient, these included:

  • A lack of understanding about property level protection in terms of resistance and resilience measures.
  • Misunderstanding surrounding the concept of sump and pump systems and tanking.
  • A misconception among some property owners that nothing could be done to protect their property.


Newground Approach

Newground conducted independent property level protection surveys on behalf of the Burnley Borough Council for residential and business property owners wishing to apply for the Flood Resilience Grant. To ensure independent advice and support on property level flood protection, resilience and preparedness was available to those who required it, as for many this was their first experience of flooding at this scale.

By conducting site visits with the residents we were able to identify which protection measures would be most suitable to the property and the resident’s circumstance. Following this consultation process the resident received a tailored flood resilience report with information on how to proceed with the flood resilience grant.

The flood engagement team also encouraged residents to sign up to the Environment Agency’s flood warnings service to help people be more prepared.


How we made a difference

Between February 2016 and January 2017, Newground visited over 70 homes and businesses within Burnley and Padiham engaging with over 49% of eligible applicants ensuring that residents could make an informed decision when it came to protecting their property. This could potentially result in a damage avoided figure of £1.52 million through adopting resilience and resistance measures.

In addition, Newground also ran two local evening workshops; for residents and businesses, focussing on both individual and community flood planning, preparedness and resilience.

Below are two examples of the assistance we have provided to business owners in Padiham:

Mooch Cafe

Mooch Cafe is located on Padiham high Street approximately 50m from the River Calder. Newground carried out a property level flood protection survey in March 2016 and offered additional support in making a successful application for the flood resilience grant. As a result, the owners were able to install property level protection measures, are signed up to receive flood warnings and are now more prepared for flooding events.

“Being business owners, finding time to deal with things is always an issue. The whole process was really easy once we started and the service from Newground was fantastic. The local council has been excellent to deal with and very accommodating”. -Owner of Mooch Cafe, Padiham.

Padiham Group Practice

Padiham Group Practice (East Lancs NHS) is located approximately 40m from the River Calder and was badly affected by the flooding. Following Newground undertaking a property level flood protection survey and giving advice on mitigation measures, the practice was able to move forward with their flood resilience grant and install flood protection measures to the building.

“I found the grant really helpful. Our insurance policy only covered what was damaged by the flood and we were pretty much left to foot the bill for any flood defences.

The grant enabled us to put flood defences in place should we be unfortunate enough to have any further flooding. The grant funded flood barriers on all the outside doors, we are also on flood alert via text messaging so we have ample time to put the defences in place.


Thank you very much for all your help and support.”- Gail Blackston, Padiham Group Practice.



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