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Newground helps build a brighter future

Suzanne aged 26, was in financial trouble and was in debt by £20,000 when Marc, part of Newground’s More Positive Together team, first met her. The companies she was in debt to had sent correspondence and bailiffs to recoup the money owed. Her utility provider obtained a warrant to enter her home and her gas and electricity had been turned off.

She was also looking for help accessing mental health support as she was suffering with suicidal thoughts and depression. Children’s social care had approached her as her children were missing school and they were concerned that she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Marc spoke to Suzanne’s gas and electric supplier, who agreed to install pay as you go meters and a repayment plan. He liaised with Christians Against Poverty who set up a debt plan with Suzanne to pay back her creditors at a manageable rate. As a result, she is no longer facing eviction.

Suzanne was accompanied to her GP appointment to gain support and medication for her mental ill health, and Marc arranged regular one to one sessions with a psychologist to help her mental health and identify the triggers for her depression. She has subsequently been able to stop taking her anti-depressants as her mental health has greatly improved.

ADHD North West and a child psychologist were able to help Suzanne manage her daughter’s behaviour and Marc attended Team Around Families (TAF) meetings to support her. She is no longer an open case at children’s social care and the TAF has been closed as they are both very pleased with the progress that has been made.

Suzanne is now embarking on a course as she is now ready to look to the future.

More Positive Together is a Lancashire-wide European Social Fund project which aims to help 2,250 people furthest from the labour market improve their skills and employment prospects, initially providing intense 1 to 1 support, then progressing to a wider engagement offer of sports, environmental and arts activities.

*Suzanne’s name has been changed to protect her identity.



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