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Nathan's Story

Nathan had been going through a tough time where he now found himself unemployed and homeless. In this situation he wasn’t sure where to turn or what to do, and that is when he met Helen Brayshaw, a Community Employment Advisor from Newground.

Nathan, from Rossendale, had been referred to Newground’s job club for extra support with finding employment and getting back on his feet.

Helen and Nathan began to discuss employment support, housing and food parcels. Together they worked on an up to date CV for Nathan to use. Helen signed him up for Newground’s More Positive Together scheme which aims to help people in Lancashire improve their employment skills and prospects.

Helen said, “I immediately signed him up to the Newground’s More Positive Together programme and also set up a b-with-us account so we could get the ball rolling to find a home. Sadly, Nathan was sleeping in his car at the time and desperate to get work as soon as possible in order to have a home.”

Within a few days, Nathan had a new and up to date CV, he was registered and looking for a new home. Now, Nathan worked with Helen on his interviewing skills and being supported through this time.

Nathan was initially successful in an interview and was offered a job, but this fell through when the very next day lockdown came into effect and the business was no longer able to open.

Regardless, Helen and Nathan continued to work on interviewing skills and sent out the CV to any option that was still available. Eventually, Nathan heard back from one of the jobs he applied for and it seemed all his hard work had begun to pay off.

Helen added, “With lockdown, employment options became a little more limited, but we didn’t give up! After a few weeks Nathan received a call regarding a grafting job we had applied for – and was hired to start the next day! He now has a job, a company van and phone. He is now staying with friends and on his way to finding his own secure property to live in. He still has a few hurdles to overcome, but I couldn’t be prouder of him!”

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