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Mum of four returns to nursing after 16 year break

A mother of four from Halifax has returned to nursing 16 years after qualifying thanks to a Newground Employability Advisor working on behalf of Works Better.

Registered nurse Nazra Rehman, 39, first qualified in 2002 but left nursing to start a family soon after qualifying. She always intended to return to work full time but having never worked since she qualified, she lacked confidence and assumed a lot of retraining would be required.

That was until she met Lorraine as part of Works Better, an employment support programme designed to help people overcome the barriers that are preventing them from securing work.

Nazra said: “I honestly feel that the day I met Lorraine, was the day that my life changed for the better and the return to my career. When chatting to her at the open day, I did not think that anything would come of our conversation. I had sought advice many times before, but had never been given advice specific to my situation, just general advice and information about returning to work. Lorraine, however, really listened to my personal circumstances and followed up on the information I had given her. She researched job opportunities, university requirements and applications. She even arranged for me to attend courses to upgrade my CV.

“The support I received with completing application forms, mock interviews, working out how my finances would be affected and even what help was available for my autistic daughter, was invaluable for my return to work. Nothing was too much trouble. Having a personal approach was very refreshing and allowed Lorraine to really understand my needs. She always suggested a solution for any areas I was concerned about, leaving me confident about the choice I was making returning to work. Lorraine was amazing in helping my confidence and self-esteem, always focusing on my strengths and abilities.

“I feel that without the help I received from Works Better I would not have been able to take the next step into work. I may have considered it further down the line, believing that it was not a possibility yet and that the whole process was too difficult. Working part-time now suits me and my family well, I cannot believe that I am now in this position, because it has been a dream for so long. I am now back on the NMC register and am absolutely loving every minute of it.

“I am so very grateful to Lorraine for all her amazing work and support through my journey. I truly believe that the personal and holistic approach that Works Better takes sets it apart from all the other programmes I have tried. I cannot thank her enough and recommend her to anyone that I feel needs help and support finding employment.”

About her first day in the job, Nazra said: “To say I was nervous was an understatement! I was excited and terrified at the same time. I had been looking forward to this day for so long, that I couldn’t actually believe it was here.

“I really enjoy helping and caring for others. Working on a surgical ward, you are seeing people at their most vulnerable. I feel a huge sense of satisfaction, when patients make improvements and are well enough to be discharged. Similarly, I feel that I am in the privileged position to help ease the pain and provide some comfort for those at the end of their lives.

“Returning to nursing has always been my aspiration, but there were a lot of issues preventing my return. My biggest barrier was not knowing how to return to nursing, after such a long break. I also had little confidence, having been a stay at home mum for so long.

“Works Better has been an amazing opportunity for myself, I am very grateful to for all the support I received with my return to work.”

Works Better is part funded through the European Social Fund and delivered through a collaboration of six partners (Kirklees Council, Fusion Housing and Paddock Community Trust, Calderdale Council, Newground, Wakefield Council and Groundwork) across Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield.

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