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Improved School Grounds for Larkhill Community Primary School, Salford

Following the success of previous projects delivered by Newground in their school grounds, Larkhill School appointed Newground to deliver a second phase of improvements.

Newground’s second phase of improvements included including installation of a track for use by bikes, scooters and as a daily mile track, a timber trim trail, additional forest school spaces, new decking with canopies, food growing space and a renovated bug hotel! The development was kept sustainable by using materials from site where possible, using recycled plastic decking and creating mounds out of excavated soil so no waste went to landfill.

The main work was completed over the summer holidays, and the remainder of the work (which includes hedgerow planting, creation of a willow dome, and native shrub planting) will be carried out in the autumn term of 2018. The work has been carried out by Newground’s contract team.

The school grounds now boast a wonderful resource for the children and local community, and upgraded accommodation for any local insects who are passing through!

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