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From a "dead end" to the job "I really wanted"

Keely had felt like she had come to a dead end with jobs and wasn’t sure how to find the right job for her. That’s when Keely was referred to our employment scheme, Ways to Work.

Keely said, “I felt like I had come to a dead end with jobs and I really needed a change. When I found out about Newground’s employment scheme I decided to take a chance. That chance paid off as well!”

Ways to Work appointed Koren Knapp as Keely’s employment advisor. Koren’s role involves supporting people who may have barriers to work. These barriers can be issues like housing, debt, or substance misuse. Employment Advisors also support people into work through interview practice, confidence building, CV writing and sourcing employment and skills opportunities.

Keely hoped that Koren could help with her confidence, “I wanted to work on my confidence and get into a job that focused more on business. Koren helped me to find courses, like maths, which improved my CV and confidence. Koren also suggested other courses like Marketing. I also found Google training for myself as well. These courses were great for my confidence and, once added to my CV, I really stood out to employers. It made me feel much more confident about going into interviews.”

Koren said, “These courses were the perfect way to not only boost Keely’s self-esteem, but to help Keely see what job she would like, which was something she wanted to work on. My role is all about the people I work with. I make it a priority to listen to what a client really wants to get out of their journey into employment, whether that be an improved CV, a boost in confidence, help with interviews, or to find a job that suits them.”

Koren sent out Keely’s new and improved CV to local employers and in June a position became available working in a local laundrette. Keely said, “I went for the position for interview practice and because I wanted to get back into work.”

However, Keely hadn’t expected what would happen next thanks to her improved CV, “When the owners of the business saw my CV, they thought it looked amazing and instead offered me the position of Project Manager! The owners thought my skills set would be put to better use in this role. I was a little taken aback, but happy. It felt really overwhelming that someone would give me a chance like that. It was the job I had really wanted.”

Keely is now going from strength to strength at her new job and is looking forward to what the future holds, “In my new job as Project Manager, I work on a mixture of things which includes helping to promote the business with the marketing skills I learnt from my course. I really enjoy this job and I feel really glad that I took that initial chance and with Koren’s help everything worked out.”

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