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A more positive change of career

34-year-old K from Burnley is set to become a care worker after a skin condition left him unable to work in his trained profession of hairdressing.

K developed painful dermatitis which meant he was unable to undertake the requirements of this job as a hairdresser. Giving up a career about which he was passionate and facing unemployment led to depression and anxiety for which K was prescribed medication and referred to counselling.

The flat K was living in had no heating or cooking facilities. There was no privacy as the staff from the shop below used the bathroom in the flat. He was scared to report it to the council for fear of losing his home altogether and facing homelessness.

The Job Centre put K in touch with a Community Employment Advisor from Newground’s More Positive Together team. More Positive Together is a Lancashire-wide European Social Fund project which aims to help 2,250 people furthest from the labour market improve their skills and employment prospects.

With this support, he was granted Discretionary Housing Payment to move out of the flat, which was subsequently condemned, and received advice on improving his CV, which led to a job interview as a care worker.


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