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The Flood Hub – How much do you know about it?

This blog provides an insight into The Flood Hub and the success it has had so far.

As you may or may not know, the Flood Team at Newground have been heavily involved in designing, developing and producing content for the Flood Hub. The Flood Hub is designed to be a one stop shop for flood information and resources to support householders, businesses and communities across the North West in becoming more flood resilient. We have pulled together multiple sources of guidance to produce a hub of information that gives an overview of flood resilience and its many related topics. The Flood Hub website has been funded by the North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC), to find out more about them, including information on their 2019-2022 Business Plan, click here.

The team at Newground have worked in many communities across the North west that have been impacted by flooding and we have listened to their needs when developing the website. We have also worked with the flood risk management authorities to develop the structure of content for the website in order to make it suitable for the target audience. 

We work closely with the website developers to style the content, create resources and develop new features.  We frequently upload new content, resources and update the existing. The main pages of the Flood Hub are shown in the image above, however, we also have an interactive Local Area map and Local Area pages for Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

Since the launch on the 5th November 2018, we’ve seen a lot of interaction with the website. We have had a lot of positive feedback and thousands of page views, downloads and users, which can be seen below:

Our top ten most visited pages are:

  1. Homepage
  2. Knowledge Hub
  3. Am I at Risk?
  4. Your Local Area
  5. Household
  6. News and Events
  7. Planning and Development
  8. About Us
  9. Your local area – Lancashire
  10. Local Area Map

We continuously update the page and add new content so that users are kept up to date with the latest flood resilience advice and information. As you can see, one of our most visited pages on The Flood Hub is the Knowledge Hub, here you can find a wealth of downloadable flood related resources either produced by us, or other organisations and agencies.

Some of our most popular resources are:

The Flood Hub hosts pages dedicated to Flood Risk Management Schemes across the North West. Each page holds a wealth of information about each scheme which has been provided by the relevant Risk Management Authority. In addition, they provide information on any engagement events, important documents and newsletters. Our Flood Risk Management Scheme page can be found here and there is information on the following schemes:

We also run a Twitter and Facebook page for The Flood Hub, where we post about the Flood Hub pages, resources and useful flood resilience information. The pages are popular and get lots of interaction, some stats can be seen below:

Impressions = the number of times a post has appeared on a user’s screen.
Engagements = the number of times a user has interacted with a post. 
Analytics from 5th November 2018 – 30th June 2020

To raise awareness of The Flood Hub, to increase interaction both on social media and the website and to increase awareness of flood related issues, we also run online campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. So far this year, we have run a Coastal and Climate Change Awareness Campaign, a Business Flood Resilience Campaign, SuDS Awareness Week and a Natural Flood Management Awareness Week.  Keep your eyes peeled for the following campaigns which will be run in 2020:

  • Individual Resilience Campaign;
  • Community Resilience Campaign and;
  • Property Flood Resilience Campaign.

Coming soon to The Flood Hub is our “Education” section, which will contain several lessons and resources for schools and young people that will be linked to key areas of the National Curriculum. The lessons will be pitched at KS2 level, which is ages 7 – 11 and aims to increase knowledge on flooding and flood risk management.

Check out The Flood Hub here: as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages:

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