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Newground Together - Active Together Walking Group

With monthly attendances pushing towards the 500 mark, April will sadly not see anyone taking part in the Active Together Walking Project. This has not stopped our walk leaders and walkers getting out on their own for a short stroll for some physical exercise.  

A real key benefit from our walking project is the improvement in peoples mental wellbeing. This comes from the social interaction that the walking programme provides. At this time social isolation may have prevented this from happening physically but definitely not stopped it completely. It continues through social media and the good old fashioned telephone call. Do keep in touch with each other just as our walkers and walk leaders are doing. They share past walks, trips, holidays and funny moments the walking programme has brought about.  

Michael Bates Active Together Walk Leader said “Whilst there is no doubt walking has physical benefits, mental health aspects should not be overlooked.  We are Active Together voluntary walk leaders for a scheme in Burnley and find many of our walkers welcome and enjoy the activities designed to promote both physical and mental health.  For example at the end of walks, people can enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch together.  We have the occasional day trip out and also go away for an annual holiday.  Furthermore, people who become unable to walk distances anymore meet up regularly with a couple of our leaders for a bite to eat.” 

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Don’t forget to like and share the Facebook page @NewgroundActiveTogether for updates and helpful tips for everyone who is at home during the Coronavirus 19 lockdown.   

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