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Newground LDC's role in the climate emergency

Emergency! Emergency! The planet is changing, it’s now or never…how can we as Landscape Architects use our unique role to make a difference? As a profession, it feels like our time is now, we have arrived. We might not shout out loud about what we do, and not many people really understand what a landscape architect actually does, but we cannot hide our light under a bushel any longer. We have the privilege of bridging the span between the built environment and the natural world, and our work is essential if we are to tackle the current climate emergency.

As Landscape Architects, we are continuing to strive to do what we have always done from the beginning: create sustainable landscapes that benefit the communities in which we work, and the natural environment that we all belong to (we shouldn’t see nature as a thing to tap into, we ARE nature, but that’s an whole other article!). Although Newground LDC is a small team, our role is big, and here is a list of how that role can respond to the complex issue of climate change:

  • We can influence every stage of the design process, at every scale of development. From green infrastructure plans to advising on what trees to plant, we can advise on natural flood management, carbon efficiency and a wide range of design strategies to help with climate resilience.
  • By implementing good design practice, we can encompass functionality, durability, and stakeholder involvement to ensure the holistic approach is reflected in a more sustainable design or management plan.
  • By specifying sustainable materials in all our projects, working with like minded professionals, and applying a holistic approach, higher standards of delivery against climate and economic objectives can be accomplished.
  • Providing land scape solutions in urban spaces, recommending nature based solutions within land use developments and through environmental impact statements, landscape professionals set goals and aspirations for statutory organisations and associated practitioners for quality environments.₁


₁ Dilraj Sokhi-Watson, “What is COP26 and why is it important?” Landscape Issue 4 2021

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