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Masterplan for Riverside Park

Newground produced a Masterplan for Riverside Park in Ingleton back in 2017. It was initially conceived as a way to encourage people who’d followed the Waterfall Trail to investigate the rest of Ingleton, and provide a peaceful and relaxing space by the river, but also a place for children to play in an updated and improved destination type play space, in addition to a new splash zone that was to be connected to the existing outdoor pool.

The existing park is already a beautiful space, but some of the paths were old and tired, and the play area was approaching 20 years since its installation and in need of an update.

We envisaged creating entrances by way of creative and interesting hard surfacing features and signage that invited people into the park and encouraged them to investigate. Paths were to be made more consistent and much more accessible, with areas of wider path to allow crossing points.

The play area was to be split over two areas aimed at different age groups, but with a slide connecting the two. Natural elements such as sand, bark and stone were to be utilised in conjunction with timber and steel equipment, with an increase of accessible equipment to accommodate all users. The natural feel of the area was intended to better fit with the surrounding countryside and adjacent riverside woodland.

Resting points and a barbecue area were further intended to encourage visitors to stay, and sculptures and incidental play elements were to be installed along the rivers edge to encourage children to explore the natural environment.

Funding options became available in 2020, and Newground were employed again to undertake the next stages of the design work, which meant much more detailed plans, consultation with the local community and council and Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

The project is currently in the final stages of the sketch design stage, and will hopefully be agreed on to enable the next stage of the process to begin.

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