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How to increase biodiversity on your business premises

A 5 step guide to turning your business premises into a wildlife area that your staff and customers will love!


Of more than 6,000 species recently assessed, more than one in ten is thought to be under threat of extinction in the UK. That’s 600 species that could disappear in the UK.  The main cause of this is habitat loss, so why not do something to give nature a home at your business premises?

A small area of land managed with wildlife in mind can make a real difference to our butterfly, bee and bird populations.  It’s also a great way of raising environmental awareness amongst your employees and promoting your commitment to responsible business practices to interested stakeholders.  And let’s be honest, we all feel a bit better when see nature on our doorstep!

Why increase biodiversity at your business?

  • What better way to advertise to your stakeholders your commitment to improving the local environment?
  • Beautiful colourful flowers to brighten up the place;
  • A great feature for your corporate social responsibility report;
  • Fulfilling continuous improvement commitments within a environmental management system such as ISO14001;
  • Volunteering opportunities for staff to get involved in the creation and upkeep of the wildlife garden;
  • Staff wellbeing – we all love nature and getting a dose of it at work helps us feel better;
  • MOST importantly – wildlife gardening will give nature a home!

Top five actions to increase biodiversity at your business premises:

1.       Give nectar!


Plant a butterfly and bee garden, just a couple of nectar filled flowers will help feed the local butterfly and bee population. Top plants include: lavender, buddleia, wallflower, forget-me-not, foxglove, primrose and marjoram.

2.       Go wild!


Instead of having all manicured lawns let a small area grow wild by planting a wildflower meadow. Top plants include: cow parsley, ox-eye daisy, red campion, cowslip and meadow buttercup.

3.       Get prickly!


Native hedgerow plants provide food and shelter to lots of native species including birds, bees and butterflies.  They also have the added benefit of keeping unwanted guests off the premises with their naturally prickly thorns. Top plants include: hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, dog rose and holly.

4.       Go nutty! 

Bird Feeder (1)

Birds need food throughout the year. Hanging a few feeders around the site will help supplement the local bird population’s diet and help them through the long winters. Top bird foods include: nuts, sunflower seeds, mealworms and suet.

5.       Get wet! 

Waterlily -458227_640

Even a small pond or water feature is great for wildlife. Flying around all day is thirsty work and all that dust plays havoc with bird feathers. You’ll be amazed how many birds visit a small pond to freshen up.  Ponds also give a home to aquatic species such as frogs, toads, dragonflies, damselflies and lot of other insects.

What next? 

Get involved! You now have a list of 5 easy actions to increase biodiversity on your business premises so assemble a team of enthusiastic volunteers and start to plan what changes you’re going to make to the outside area to give nature a home!


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