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Get crafty this National Gardening Week

Monday 27th April marks the beginning of National Gardening Week. 

With all of us staying at home more due to Government rules, gardening seems like a great new hobby to start. We spoke to expert gardening coaches from Rhyddings Park, a kitchen garden funded by Newground, in Oswaldtwistle. They gave us some great tips on how you can turn everyday objects into plant pots!

What you’ll need:

  • A square bottle. Our example is a fabric softener container.
  • Scissors
  • A tool to create holes
  • Compost
  • Seeds or a small plant


1. Take your container and remove any of the plastic packaging and labels. Then wash out the container to make sure it is empty and clean. 

2. Use your scissors to cut into the middle of the bottle. Be careful of any sharp edges on the bottle.

3. Now you need to place holes in the bottom of the container so water can drain out of it. A drill might be the best way to do this. Safety Note: take care when making the drainage holes. 

4. Once your plant pot is complete you could decorate it. For example, if you have spray paint you could spray the container to be any colour you wanted! 

5. You are ready to fill your container with compost and start to plant seeds! Make sure your seeds are spread out in the container, so they have enough room to grow.

6. Place your new plant pot in a sunny spot, either in the garden or on the windowsill, and watch your seeds grow!

For more great gardening tips, you can visit Rhyddings Park Garden Kitchen Facebook page here:

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