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Flood recovery expectations during a pandemic

Storm Christoph brought heavy rain and caused flooding in parts of the UK. As we are currently in a national lockdown, there may be some uncertainty for those who were affected by flooding around the recovery process and what repairs can take place. The following blog and resource outlines what you should expect when recovering from a flood and is correct as of February 2021.

Repairs can still take place

  • Despite lockdown restrictions, recovery and repair works are still able to take place following flooding so that people can live safely in their homes.
  • Under government guidance, businesses providing repair services may stay open where they primarily offer repair services.

PPE and social distancing

  • With recovery works still able to continue it is important that tradespeople and contractors wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves, and maintain social distancing when working on properties.
  • Ensure that windows are open to help ventilate the property whilst tradespeople are inside.
  • Residents should also maintain social distancing and can stay in another room or upstairs whilst tradespeople are working.

Rogue traders

  • Rogue traders may try to take advantage of people needing repairs following flooding, which can be more of a risk during a pandemic as people could have a lot on their minds and be more susceptible.
  • They use pressurised selling techniques to try and scam people out of money and may carry fake leaflets and documentation.
  • Don’t rush when making decisions, get quotes from more than one trader, and always ask to see documentation. You can check the trader is a member of the government’s TrustMark scheme and speak to your insurance company before signing contracts.

Risk management authority repairs

  • The Environment Agency and other risk management authorities are still carrying out repair works after flooding whilst following government guidelines on social distancing, and ensuring contractors are following the correct procedures.
  • The Environment Agency are continuing to maintain and
  • operate flood and coastal defence assets to protect people and
  • property from flooding.

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For more information on flood recovery, visit The Flood Hub here.

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