Through our Reachout Programme we firmly believe that young people are at the heart of everything we develop and deliver. In order to bring about positive change we offer a holistic support package to the families and community where they live so we deliver the majority of our young people, families and communities programmes through our Reachout Project bases that are located in the heart of the communities we support.

Our clients need flexible, responsive services that involve key partner organisations, bringing in wider specialisms and a more coordinated approach. We make sure we deliver our services in partnership with others – it’s part of our holistic approach. In fact most of what we deliver is in partnership with other organisations.

Our clients want projects that take a 'person-centred' approach, allowing young people and their families to take an active role in shaping service delivery, problem solving and exploring solutions to improve the quality of life in local areas. They’re looking for:

  • Intensive one to one sessions
  • Group work
  • Family interventions
  • Environmental projects
  • Mobile neighbourhood based services
  • Work programmes
  • Linking and signposting into mainstream services

They need support to deal with issues such as: housing, benefits, crime, anti social behaviour, worklessness and education.  Ultimately, we want to ensure that children and families have better life chances.

Reachout on the Road

Our assertive outreach team, in partnership with key local organisations, proactively target geographic areas where risk taking behaviour is prevalent thus engaging with vulnerable young people not currently accessing services whilst gaining a clear understanding of:

  • Positive local support networks
  • Formal and informal ‘membership’ opportunities
  • Wellbeing opportunities
  • Neighbourhood based services
  • Circles of support for young people, families and the wider community.

The team provide information, advice and guidance to young people who may not be accessing mainstream services and who are perceived as ‘problematic’ by residents, signposting them to local services or alternatively building up relationships with them in order to be in a position to challenge behaviours and address local worries or concerns.

Parent Project – Play Your Part

Play your Part is a peer support programme by parents for parents. The focus of this programme is to give parents tools, skills and knowledge to help them recognise, respond and challenge their child’s risk taking behaviour and understand how this could potentially lead to extremist ideology and radicalisation, particularly in relation to far right groups. The programme provides them with a greater understanding of the context and language of extremist groups and how young people may be subject to external negative influences including the impact of social media, the reach of the internet, peer pressures such as the need to belong to a group or gang and how parents’ views can significantly impact on their thought processes. 

Play Your Part helps parents improve their ability to communicate with their children and respond in a more effective and timely manner. Through peer support parents are able to share their experiences as a group. We create a safe, non judgemental environment, which is having a positive impact directly on family experiences. 


Our citizenship programme works primarily with young people in junior schools. Children are made aware of risk taking behaviour and given age specific information to help them make safe and healthy life choice in the future. Topics covered include: bullying, drugs and alcohol awareness, staying safe, etc.

Pre-employment Support

Our pre-employment support programme is targeted at individuals who want to work, are prepared to learn, but are often a long way from job readiness. Sessions are mixed between employability skills and personal development through confidence building. Support offered includes healthy eating and cooking, sexual health, alcohol and drugs awareness, first aid and more. Advanced job search and CV/application completion is an essential module of the programme. A mock interview followed by two days work placement activity forms part of the process.