Resource Management

With raw material, utility and waste costs ever increasing, we understand that businesses are looking to find ways to use resources more efficiently and reduce the amount of waste they create. Resource efficiency is not just an environmental initiative; it also makes good commercial sense. Reducing costs can boost productivity and increase profitability.

What our clients need:

  • To implement an energy management system in line with the requirements of ISO 50001.
  • Help to identify opportunities for improving their resource efficiency, such as:
    • Minimising raw material use;
    • Using less packaging / using alternative packaging;
    • Reducing energy use;
    • Using water more efficiently;
    • Creating less waste;
    • Utilising transport fuel more efficiently; and
    • Looking at better options for waste created / reducing waste to landfill.
  • The ability to prioritise and manage opportunities, focusing on those that will bring the best return on investment.
  • Provision of staff training to support implementation of opportunities.
  • Support from experienced consultants with a proven track record.

How we help:

  • Completion of reviews to assess the main resources used or consumed by a client and identify cost saving and efficiency opportunities. We offer comprehensive full resource efficiency reviews or focus on one or more areas of concern, depending on client needs:
    • Process efficiency (use of raw materials & packaging);
    • Water minimisation;
    • Energy use and management;
    • Waste minimisation and management;
    • Transport fuel efficiency.
  • The provision of a comprehensive written report that will detail recommendations for improvement and provide cost savings calculations to support investment decisions.
  • Completion of an energy review that meets the requirements of ISO 50001.
  • Provision of consultancy support to implement an energy management system in line with ISO 50001.
  • Provision of ongoing practical support to help clients implement improvements.
  • Provision of training on various resource topics to support implementation of opportunities.
  • Support to set up and facilitate environment team meetings.