Case Study

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  • Steyport Ltd (Health and Safety Management System Implementation)
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  • BCW Engineering Ltd (Environmental Aspects and Legal Registers)
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Management Systems

Our clients want to be successful in business. They want to provide safe working conditions for staff, operate in an efficient manner, and keep customers satisfied so that they keep coming back. We know that implementing and maintaining effective management systems can help a client to do all of this so we’ve put together a range of services to support our clients to implement and maintain management systems for quality, health and safety, energy, environment and sustainability.

How we can help you:

Our experienced team of consultants have a proven track record in supporting clients to achieve and maintain certification to a range of key management standards, including:

  • Quality: ISO 9001
  • Occupational health and safety management: OHSAS 18001
  • Environmental management: ISO 14001, EMAS, BS 8555
  • Energy management: ISO 50001
  • Sustainable events management: ISO 20121

We know every business is different and one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a suite of services and a range of delivery approaches that clients can pick and choose from in order to get a bespoke package of support that’s just right, which also allows for full ownership of the completed system.We can support implementation of individual elements of a management system or a full system, depending on your needs.The most popular services our clients request are detailed below.

Gap analysis:

  • Assessment of a client’s current status against each clause of the chosen management standard.
  • Review of existing documentation and procedures, plus site operations, to identify time and resources required to implement a management system.
  • Provision of a report of key findings and recommendations to highlight actions required to comply with the chosen standard.

Legal register and review:

  • Assistance to meet the legal requirements section of a clients’ chosen Standard through identification of applicable law, assessment of compliance, and development of a legal register.
  • Assistance to meet the legal compliance evaluation requirements of the clients’ chosen standard through completion of a legal register review to ensure all relevant laws are contained and to identify any areas of improvement.

Environmental aspects / health and safety hazards identification and register development:

  • Completion of a site visit to identify environmental aspects / health and safety hazards.
  • Guidance on development of significance / risk evaluation criteria.
  • Assistance to develop an environmental aspects / hazards register to meet the requirements of the clients’ chosen standard.
  • Support to link aspects with applicable legislation.

Internal audit:

  • Guidance on development of an internal audit programme.
  • Support to develop audit checklists and report templates.
  • Completion of internal audits.
  • Ability to act as a competent internal auditor for a client, where skills do not exist in-house.
  • Provision of internal auditor training.
  • Provision of pre-certification and pre-surveillance audits to provide reassurance that the management system meets the requirements of the chosen standard and the external certification body.

We know there’s more to a management system than just that though, so we also offer a range of additional services that complement the above, such as:

  • Development of a policy manual.
  • Support to develop objectives and targets, and action plans.
  • Assistance with development of operational control and monitoring procedures.
  • Assistance with development of emergency preparedness and response procedures.
  • Development and delivery of relevant staff awareness training
  • Support to develop non-conformity and corrective / preventive action procedures.
  • Assistance to implement document and record control systems.
  • Guidance on development of a management review structure and agenda.
  • Guidance on development of mandatory procedures and policies.
  • Guidance through the certification process, where clients choose to formalise their management system, and attendance at external certification and surveillance audits.
  • Assistance to integrate existing management systems with new ones, or to implement a fully integrated system.
  • Support to identify areas of improvement and action improvements within existing systems in order to maintain certification.
  • Transition support for new or updated standards.