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  • FTSE 100 Postal Service Provider (Environmental Legal Compliance)
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  • BCW Engineering Ltd (Environmental Aspects and Legal Registers)
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Legal Compliance

With constantly changing legislation it can be difficult for businesses to ensure they remain compliant. We know that looking at legislation can be a daunting prospect, and time consuming, which is why we offer a range of services to take that burden off our clients.

What our clients need:

  • A cost-effective and time saving method to identify what legislation applies to them.
  • Help to develop an easy-to-use legal register.
  • Information on environmental, health and safety and / or food law relating to all UK jurisdictions and the Republic of Ireland, to cover multi-site operations.
  • Assistance to assess how relevant legislation applies to establish compliance status.
  • A method for identifying and assessing legislation that meets the requirements of management system standards, such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • Practical information on compliance actions needed.
  • Support on how to address and correct legal non-compliances.
  • Regular legal compliance evaluations to ensure continued compliance.
  • Confidence that legal information provided is accurate.
  • A system for showing certification bodies that they can demonstrate compliance, rather than just show awareness of legislation.
  • Support from experienced consultants, active in the field.

How we help:

Building a legal register:

  • Identification of applicable environmental, health and safety and / or food law, plus any other requirements the client might subscribe to.
  • Assistance to build a legal register, either utilising the Legislation Update Service or developing a bespoke system.
  • Support to build a multi-site register, where required, that covers legislation in all jurisdictions in which a client operates.
  • Assistance to upgrade and improve an existing legal register where a system has been neglected or the client feels there may be gaps.
  • Initial assessment of compliance against all relevant legislation.
  • Assistance to meet the legal requirements section of the client's management system.

Legal review:

  • Completion of a legal register review to ensure all relevant laws are contained that exactly match the requirements of a client’s activities, products and processes.
  • Provision of knowledge to allow clients to manage their own legal register going forwards.
  • Provision of advice, support and guidance from a competent person to ensure that a legal register meets the requirements of the client and their auditor.

Legal compliance audit:

  • Completion of a full on-site legal audit by an independent third party.
  • Identification of any areas of improvement, allowing the opportunity to work on improvements needed prior to an external certification or surveillance audit.
  • Provision of reassurance that the client is complying with all areas of applicable law.
  • Assistance in demonstrating legal compliance to external auditors.
  • Assistance to meet the legal evaluation requirements of the clients’ management system.